Celebrity Photoshoots

photo/Michael Buck for M-Buck Studio

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The following are the times that are available for a professional photo opportunity with a favorite celebrity at the Grand Rapids Comic-Con. The celebrity listed will be available for a photo shot by Michael Buck Studios at the times listed below. Make sure to show up a few minutes beforehand to get in line for the special picture!

You may start buying tickets for photoshoots as early as opening on Friday at 12 pm, so if you want to make sure that you will be able to attend the photoshoot you plan on attending you should buy early. We will not refund tickets if you miss your shoot, so make sure to be there when you are scheduled!

Celebrities will leave the photoshoot area once their line has dissipated, so make sure to arrive before the designated time to make sure you get your picture!

The photoshoot schedule is as follows:


Day Time Celebrity
Friday 1:00 PM Alexis Tipton
1:15 PM Tony Todd
1:30 PM Bulk and Skull
1:45 PM Kerrigan Mahan
2:00 PM Patrick Warburton
2:15 PM Vernon Wells
2:30 PM “Black Lightning” cast
2:45 PM Paul Blake
3:00 PM Overwatch VA’s
3:15 PM Shannon McCormick
3:30 PM Paul Freeman
3:45 PM Barbara Goodson
4:00 PM “Power Rangers” villains
4:15 PM Rooster Teeth VA’s
4:30 PM Tom Kane
4:45 PM Zeno Robinson
5:00 PM Jason Marsden
5:15 PM “Young Justice Outsiders” cast
5:30 PM Ross Marquand
5:45 PM Ming Chen
Saturday 10:45 AM Paul Freeman
11:00 AM Bulk and Skull
11:15 AM “Power Rangers” villains
11:45 AM Aaron Dismuke
12:00 PM “Young Justice Outsiders” group
12:15 PM Paul Blake
12:30 PM Tom Kane
12:45 PM Overwatch VA’s
1:00 PM Jennifer Riker
1:15 PM Ross Marquand
1:45 PM Tobin Bell
2:15 PM “Black Lightning” cast
2:30 PM Vernon Wells
2:45 PM Tony Todd
3:00 PM Patrick Warburton
3:30 PM Alexis Tipton
3:45 PM Jason Marsden
4:00 PM barbara Goodson
4:15 PM Ming Chen
4:30 PM Zehra Fazal
4:45 PM Zeno Robinson
5:00 PM Rooster Teeth VA’s
Sunday 10:45 AM Kerrigan Mahan
11:00 AM “”Young Justice Outsiders” cast
11:15 AM Tobin Bell
` 11:45 AM Ross Marquand
12:00 PM Samantha Ireland
12:15 PM Tony Todd
12:30 PM Overwatch VA’s
12:45 PM Bulk and Skull
1:00 PM “Power Rangers” villains
1:15 PM Alexis Tipton
1:30 PM Paul Freeman
1:45 PM Barbara Goodson
2:00 PM Patrick Warburton
2:30 PM “Black Lightning” cast
2:45 PM Zehra Fazal
3:00 PM RoosterTeeth VA’s
3:15 PM Tom Kane
3:30 PM Paul Blake
3:45 PM Vernon Wells

“Overwatch” photoshoot: $100 – includes Chloe Hollings and Carolina Ravassa

“Power Rangers” photoshoot: $220 – includes Barbara Goodson, Kerrigan Mahan, Paul Schrier, Jason Narvy, Vernon Wells, and Paul Freeman

“Young Justice Outsiders” photoshoot: $100 – includes Greg Weisman, Jason Marsden, Zehra Fazal, Zeno Robinson, and Christopher Jones.

“Black Lightning” photoshoot: $50 – includes Tony Isabella and Jennifer Riker.