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West Michigan has been screaming for a professional, well operated comic book convention for years, and the Grand Rapids Comic-Con is ready to fill that void. Operated by Mark Hodges (former Public Relations Manager of the Grand Rapids Toy And Comic Expo trade show) and assisted by the Jafax and Alma Con conventions, the Grand Rapids Comic-Con will be the most aggressive comic-con to hit West Michigan in eons. The show will feature several nationally known comic artists as guests as well as several rooms of programming, a giant vending hall, costume contest, national comic book art show, and seminars and presentations. This show will also have an extremely aggressive advertising campaign, which will include over 25,000 postcards, posters distributed in four states and Canada, a Comcast television campaign, banner ads on several internet sites, radio marketing, mailers, and even promotion at unique events such as parades and the annual Women’s Expo. This show will be featured in the Grand Rapids Business Journal and Grand Rapids magazine.
Vending tables start at only $45 and multiple table set-ups are even cheaper than that, making the Grand Rapids Comic-Con a great deal.
Here is the standard floorplan:
vendor floor plan
The following layout is what has been currently sold or reserved. If the table is blocked out in red that means the table has been sold to another vendor or is being reserved for Artist Alley or a display. This was last updated on August 16, so there may be a few tables sold that are not designated as such:
You can download the vending contract here. Make sure to read the application carefully. Tables are saved once the paperwork and payment has arrived.
As with any show, the Grand Rapids Comic-Con does have a few policies about specific items that need to be addressed:

Weapons Policy

Vendors are allowed to sell steel replica swords at the show on the following conditions:
  1. All swords must be sold to people over the age of 18 only;
  2. All swords must be sold in their original boxes, sealed or taped shut;
  3. Vendors must inform purchasers that swords are not allowed out of the box at the show or they will be confiscated; and
  4. Vendors must require that all purchasers of swords take their purchase to their vehicle upon completion of their purchase. The patron will be allowed back into the show once they put their purchase into their vehicle.

Vendors may also sell replica guns provided that they have the obvious orange tip on the end to verify that they are not real and abide by the above rules.

Adult Materials

The Grand Rapids Comic-Con is a family friendly event and requires that no X-rated materials be sold at the show in any form. This includes printed and electronic media such as magazines, pictures, DVD/Blu rays, or any other item deemed pormographic. This includes all forms of hentai.

The Grand Rapids Comic-Con will also not allow the sale of any memorabilia surrounding X-rated films or hentai. This includes pictures, posters, action figures, statues, original artwork, tote bags, or any other memorabilia about the adult film industry, even if the item itself is not X-rated.

Bootleg Materials

No bootleg materials are allowed for sale at the show on any level. This is illegal and can put the convention at legal risk. This includes items on any electronic or printed format, including DVD/Blu Rays, VHS tapes, downloads, or any other type of electronic materials. We have a person on staff who teaches seminars on how to spot bootlegs and he will take time to check out booths selling DVDs and Blu Rays.

Masterprints (ones that are 11×17 inches) of one sheet posters are almost always bootlegs and will not be allowed for sale at the Grand Rapids Comic-Con. Remember that the promoter of the show is a national expert on posters, and he will spot items that are not legal!

Bootleggers who attempt to sell illegal items will be removed from the premises and will be turned over to the local authorities for potential legal action including prosecution.