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How Can I Help

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photo/Tony Wright

“How can I help with the Grand Rapids Comic-Con?”

This is probably the most asked question we get in regards to the Grand Rapids Comic-Con. There are many people who want to help, but for some reason or another they do not feel as if they are able to assist in any way. We want to let you know that is not true, as there are many ways fans can help in growing the Grand Rapids Comic-Con into the world-class event that we know can develop right here in West Michigan.

Here are some simple, practical ways that just about everybody can do to assist in growing the Grand Rapids Comic-Con:

  1. Attend the event: This is a simple one–make sure you show up! Your attendance shows support both financially and emotionally, both of which are important to the promoters!
  2. Fill up the car: If you have friends who want to attend but don’t have proper transportation make sure to help them out in that regard.
  3. Can’t afford the show? Volunteer!: We understand that finances for some people can be rough, especially in this economy. If you can’t afford to attend the show as a paying customer then we would encourage you to volunteer a few hours to help out with the running of the event. We will only ask for a few hours of your time and you can attend the rest of the event for free. Write us at and put “I want to volunteer” in the subject matter and our volunteer coordinator will get back with you.
  4. Pass the word along via social media: Make sure to invite your online friends to join us on Facebook and Twitter.
  5. Help us promote: We are printing thousands of full color postcards and hundreds of posters for the Grand Rapids Comic-Con, and there is no way we can hit everywhere. If you are willing to pass out some cards at your school or leave some in your work’s break room or front desk please write us at and put “I need some postcards” in the subject matter. Make sure to state how many postcards/posters you will need and we will send you how many you request.
  6. Wear a costume: Nothing adds more fun and festivity to a popular arts show like the Grand Rapids Comic-Con than to wear a costume. We encourage everybody to show up in a costume of your favorite character from comics or the movies. Just remember we are a family-friendly show so keep the costume PG-13 or cleaner. For more guidelines visit our Costuming page.
  7. Take some time at the show to catch a film or seminar: There will be a lot more going on at the Grand Rapids Comic-Con than just a vending room. Make sure to take some time to read the schedule at the show and attend a few seminars, presentations, or film screenings that sound interesting. This shows support to all the people who work diligently on these special events, who also greatly appreciate your attendance.
  8. Spend some money in the vending room: Vendors are a lot like Ferengi from Star Trek–they like money. Especially at a first-time event, vendors take a lot of risk attending a show like the Grand Rapids Comic-Con and have a lot of expenses such as gasoline, hotels, and the booth rental. Show support for them by spending some money in the vending room on items that you enjoy. Ideally if each person who attends the show would spend $30-50 with vendors they would spread the word that the Grand Rapids Comic-Con is a high quality event, and when we grow into larger facilities we would be able to fill the space with eager new vendors plus the original ones would return.
  9. Buy a print in “Artist Alley”: The independent artists attending the Grand Rapids Comic-Con also have expenses, plus many of them are working on being seen at the next level. Make sure to support their journey by purchasing a print or two from favorite artists at the show. It also helps in the fact that the artists tell their artist friends that the Grand Rapids Comic-Con is a high quality event that supports the arts community, and that increases our pool of available artists that are willing to attend the show.
  10. Support our charitable efforts: Kitchen Sage is a very worthy charity that helps feed poor children in West Michigan, and they deserve our support. Quality support of our charitable works gives the Grand Rapids Comic-Con a good image in the community.
  11. Keep the event a safe one: It only takes one bad apple to spoil the bunch, and it only takes one person to ruin a good time for many others. Make sure to not be that person by obeying the rules of the Grand Rapids Comic-Con and gently reminding your friends who may not be doing so that it is in the event’s best interest to cooperate.
  12. Give feedback: We do want your opinions, seriously! Make sure to spend some time after the Grand Rapids Comic-Con to give your feedback on what you liked and did not like about the show. You may do so by filling our a survey that we plan to have available after the show, writing us at, or posting on our Facebook wall.

See, you were going to do most or all of that anyway, right? Being supportive of the Grand Rapids Comic-Con is quite easy, and we greatly appreciate any and all support!