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Programming around the classic comedy series. Who ya gonna call?

GBMI GroupTeam GBMI will be invading the Grand Rapids Comic-Con, ready to raise your spirits!

GBMI means “Ghostbusters Michigan”, which means the organization is a cosplay group celebrating the Ghostbusters franchise. Team GBMI will be available for photo opportunities as well as helping to raise funds for our house charity Kitchen Sage. They will also have their version of an Ecto mobile at the show in full display in the vending hall.

* * *

GBMI LogoTeam GBMI was founded by Jonathan M Corwin and Ryan Hollingshead in 2009 with the overall goal of to help the community, entertain, and be professional.  We are a non profit organization with the goal to help out the communities in Michigan by using Ghostbusters as our outlet.  We’re here to Save Michigan. 

Members:  Jonathan M Corwin, Ryan Hollingshead, Dan Holroyd, Aaron Heminger, Nick Reimers.

Team GBMI represent a costuming fan club bound together in our mutual love of the Ghostbusters (™) license in all its forms. We are not endorsed or licensed by the property holder of the Ghostbusters franchise and will not profit from any collections made on behalf of a charity, nor charge a fee for an appearance of any kind.

The “Ghostbusters” costume allows us to draw extra attention to many well-deserving charities. The smiles and joy that our costumes generate help us give to the community and give meaning to our group.

For more information on the group visit their Facebook page at or their Twitter page at