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Comfort and Adam

comfort and adamComfort Love and Adam Withers are from Michigan (Mitten-sippi) with Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees in Illustration and Graphic Design. Having cut their teeth on Role Playing illustration for such names as Palladium Books (Rifts) and Green Ronin (Mutants & Masterminds), they are stepping into the medium that has held their hearts and imaginations since they were wee children: Comic Books.

Having met and married while attending the Kendall College of Art and Design in beautiful Grand Rapids, their deep friendship immediately sparked over long discussions of comics and storytelling. Before long, they were sharing their ideas for their own books and characters, and after several attempts at ‘breaking in’ with the big name publishers, they decided to go into business for themselves. The Uniques is the product of that decision.

comfort and adam 1A lifetime’s labor of love for Comfort, who came up with the concept while barely into her teens, the pair began bringing their ideas together and this meeting of the minds fanned the spark into a fire. They turned The Uniques into a collaboration unlike any in modern comics: every script is co-written by both, every page features penciling by both and color by both. Not a panel goes to print that doesn’t have the stamp of each creator on it.

The duo live in Flint, Michigan with their two cats, Obi-Wan and Annie-kin. They draw a lot. You may find out more about The Uniques and their three-part mini-series Rainbows In The Dark at