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Chris Yambar

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If any single word can be used to describe the career of Chris Yambar, it would be WOW!
chris yambar 2Since his personal creation in 1961, no surface has been safe from his addiction to the creative process. Painting, writing, publishing, recording, lecturing, and other words ending in “ing”
are just a few of the things that occupy his daily life as an artist. In addition to his efforts as a celebrated pop art painter Chris has enjoyed a rewarding career as a writer for some of the world’s most beloved comic characters, including Bart Simpson, Radioactive Man, Spongebob Squarepants, Popeye, I Dream of Jeannie, Elfquest and Mister Magoo. His own award-winning stable of characters, which includes Mr. Beat, El Mucho Grande–Wrestler for Hire, The
Fire-Breathing Pope,Twerp & Blue Baboon and Suckulina–Vampire Temp, has gained him a reputation as one of the most original creators in comics as well as one of the most diverse.

In 2003 his graphic novel Suicide Blonde won him the award for Best Science Fiction Writer in Comics by Cinescape Magazine. That same year, his graphic novel adaptation of Thomas
Edison’s lost 1910 horror film “Edison’s Frankenstein” won him the acclaim of horror historians and critics alike. Chris is the only creator in comics to have had three stories included in the coveted Simpsons Tree House of Horror annual, two, of which, he wrote with rock stars Alice Cooper and KISS bassist Gene Simmons. New projects include more Bart Simpson Comics, the latest Simpsons Tree House of Horror (Batman Arkham Asylum parody), Simpsons Winter Wing Ding, and new work in Spongebob Squarepants (with Mad magazine artist Al Jaffee)!

Without a doubt, Chris Yambar is one of the most delightfully dangerous artists on the planet. Visit his website at