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Artist Alley

We are no longer accepting applications for Artist Alley.
Unlike many shows that tend to bury Artist Alley in the back corner of the show or in a small out of the way room, the Grand Rapids Comic Con will be placing Artist Alley in the very center of the main vending hall so that every fan will be able to see and enjoy it. Plus fans will have to walk by you to get to the majority of the vendors, which will create more sales opportunities for you.
We are hoping that you will consider joining us at the Grand Rapids Comic-Con as an artist. We will be using a juried Artist Alley model and will only be accepting 22 independent artists in order to have the best artists available plus to give those artists the chance to sell their wares with limited competition. We are also keeping the cost for Artist Alley tables at only $30 for a six foot table, making the Grand Rapids Comic-Con a financially friendly show for independent artists.
The application deadline is June 30 and you don’t have to send any money to apply. Download the Artist Aley Application here. Make sure to read the application (especially page 3) carefully before applying.