Carrie And Jess Save The Universe

Carrie and Jess, best friends and aspiring rock stars, take a vacation to the Beach Planet, but their plans are interrupted when they encounter the heinous Space Queen, who’s using a portable black hole to usurp power from the President of Earth!

A Little Background…Like, Totally

I love ’80s movies, and a few years ago, I had the idea to write a story like Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventures crossed with Flash Gordon but with female leads. That idea evolved into Carrie and Jess Save the Universe! We spent three years developing the project and planning out the production, including putting together the cast and crew (mostly Michigan residents). Thanks to associate producer and actor Kristin Mellian, we were able to reach out to Richard Karn (Home Improvement, Family Feud, PEN15) about playing the supporting role of Computer Face. He accepted the role, and flew to Michigan in July of 2021 to shoot his scenes. About a week later, we started production with the rest of the cast. The goal was to create something that felt like a lost ’80s movie that had just been discovered. We did a ton of research and worked hard to emulate the look and feel of sci-fi/comedy/adventure movies of that era right down to using as many practical effects as possible (miniatures, matte paintings, etc.). That ’80s style also included the music — which is incredibly important in this movie since Carrie and Jess are not only best friends but also a band. Our composer wrote four original songs in addition to the score, and we shot most of the musical numbers as if they were music videos. It took nearly a year to finish post-production, and we recently premiered the movie at Celebration Cinema North. The film played there for a week and got a great response from the audiences. The entire production process took place in West Michigan. We shot scenes at Compass College of Film & Media and at Celebration Cinema’s corporate office, as well as a few other local places. It was a labor of love, but we’re all very proud of the completed film.–Joshua Courtade, Director/Producer/Writer

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