Camron Johnson

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Camron Johnson is an artist/author based out of Central Illinois. His debut title, BONECHECK (Volume 1) released in June 2018 through Broken Icon Comics. He is also known for his globally recognized cover art and design on the renowned horror novel series, Rabbit in Red (Chianakas). With a strong passion for pen and ink, fantastical nonsense, and all that other good stuff- he encourages those who check out his work to brace their visual brain balls for maximum impact; straight to the cranial memory cavern.

Other noteworthy works include:
Thy Neighbor: Engage (Creator Owned)
Detective Sol: Blood In The Redwoods (Rayburn)
Nightmares Under the Moonlight(Chianakas)
Children’s Books:  Light the Night (Williams)
I’ve Lost My Special Power! (Whalen)
A Family Story (Roulds)

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