Cameron Klingenberg

Booth D-4

Cameron Klingenberg is an illustrator and designer, working in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He was interested in drawing from an early age and began developing it as a skill in his first year of college. He went on to get his degree in illustration from Grand Valley State University.

As an illustrator, his goal and vision is to create images that give the viewer content that a photograph cannot capture. His illustration work draws influence from artists like as Maurice Sendak, Sue Coe, John Baizley and tattoo artists such as Grime. Watercolor, pen and ink, along with digital design create the foundation of Cameron’s current work. The fluid nature of these mediums allows the process to show through in the final work, and the linework holding it together lends to a more stylized technique. His digital art has been the cover design of a four part series by Westbow Press.


Artist Instagram: @camkling