Burning Soul Art

Artist Alley Booth B-2

Hello! My name is Tori, and together with my husband Ethan, we run Burning Soul Art. It all started when I learned pyrography in 2020 and quickly combined my love for anime with my new hobby. Ethan then learned after me, while I began adding things to each piece, like watercolor and resin. Together we have created over 50 unique pieces and have traveled throughout the midwest selling our art at conventions and craft shows.
We have also learned the art of creating vinyl stickers, sticker sheets, acrylic charms and pins, and most recently sublimation. Creating is only half the fun – the other half is meeting people who get so excited about the same things we do: anime, video games, and Magic: the Gathering.

Our work can be seen on our instagram, https://www.instagram.com/burningsoulart/
and our website, burningsoulart.bigcartel.com.