Bryan Donihue

Early in his life, Bryan decided that he would try as many different jobs as possible. He started in fast food and has worked in sales (retail, used car, business-to-business, door-to-door, credit card processing, vacuum cleaner, and firearms). Bryan has also been a security guard, police officer, and armored car vault manager. And he was a youth pastor. Eventually, he decided to take the “easy path” and become a writer. He was an idiot. Writing is not easy, but people seemed to like his stories, so he kept telling them.

Bryan is a published author (fiction and non-fiction), tabletop game designer, graphic artist, web designer, consultant, trainer, ministry leader, and multiple-business owner. He is also happily married to his wife of over 20 years, Christina, and father to six or seven kids, depending on the day. He even sleeps occasionally.

Bryan is known for his urban fantasy series, The Knight’s Bane Trilogy, and the tabletop RPG, Hidden Worlds: Incursion.

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Friday at 3:45 pm in Grand Gallery Overlook C-D

Bryan Donihue and Jean Davis

Selling Books and Making Fans: Conventions for Indie Authors

Bryan Donihue is joined by guest panelist Jean Davis to discuss selling books at conventions and turning those customers into fans. They will discuss topics such as: booth setup and appearance, pricing and selling books, and converting readers into fans and super fans.

Saturday at 7:00 pm in Grand Gallery Overlook C-D

Gaming Live Improv with The One-Legged GM (2 Hrs)

Join Bryan and his crew in a comedic improv actual-play of their new game. Audience will help steer the story, choose spells, and much more! Lots of laughs and shenanigans to follow. 

Sunday at 11:00 am in Grand Gallery Overlook C-D

Stop Burning Bridges: Building Relationships with Con Runners & Other Creatives

This panel is for indie authors and artists, and anyone who wants to build their business with conventions. Bryan Donihue talks about his career building relationships with conventions, and have an honest discussion about the importance of building relationships with con runners and other creatives, and what it may mean for your business.