Bebe Alkaid Cosplay

Brooke Stenz of Bebe Alkaid Cosplay is a Northern Michigan cosplayer who started cosplaying six years ago.   Her first cosplay was a gender bent Brock from Pokemon including a five foot Onix which in turn lead her in the direction of armor building.     

Bebe Alkaid Cosplay now has a deep love for detailed armor and winged cosplays. She has built such sets from Legend of Dragoon,  World of Warcraft (Project Ebonblade), armored Disney princesses,  and many more!

Bebe Alkaid Cosplay is a staple at conventions up in Michigan’s frozen north. She has been a guest and judged the cosplay contest at the annual Cadillac Pop Culture Con, judged the Cherry Capital Comic Con in Traverse City, guested and judged at the Houghton Lake Comic Convention and guested and judged at Thunder Con in Alpena.  Bebe Alkaid has also ventured down here in the past as a cosplay guest and costume contest judge as well at a couple Fantasticon shows over the past year

Be sure to stop by her booth for some goodies and she always have props set up for you or your kiddos to take some photos with! See you then! 

Bebe Alkaid’s Facebook is here and her Instagram is here.