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Sam Sawyer


SAM SAWYER is a creator, illustrator, and comic book artist. Some of her published covers include: Coffin Comics’ Lady Death and La Mureta and Big Dog Ink’s Penny for your Soul, Kaiju Epic, Crucidel Productions: ‘Knightingai, Mount Olympus Comics: 'The Samurai of Oz', ’and Ayee Dee Studio’s ‘The Changeling’. Sam is also the creator of five original tarot decks, with another in the works. Her work is heavily inspired by nature, fantasy, and the mythical world of the Fae. All of Sam Sawyer’s artwork is all original.

In the past Sam has been on panels including ones hosted by Zenescope at San Diego Comic Con (2018-2019). She has spoken on panels at various other conventions as well, including a show in Anchorage, Alaska. As a female artist in a mostly male dominated industry, She finds it essential to promote and encourage other women to become artists in the community. Sam Sawyer has been attending conventions and creating illustrations since 2013 and has experience traveling for shows. Outside of Conventions, Sam Sawyer is an Aerialist and enjoys performing with all things circus related!

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