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Kevin P. West


My name is Kevin P. West and I have been a freelance artist professionally for about 15 years now mostly working in the trading card industry drawing sketch cards on such properties as Star Wars, TMNT, MST3K, Walking Dead, Warcraft, Stranger Things, T2, Ultraman, MLB, Halloween, Chucky, Evil Dead and Sharknado just to name a few. I have a huge love for Horror & Science Fiction as can be seen in the subject matter of a lot of the art I create.

My goal with conventions is to make new contacts and friends and to have my art reach as many eyeballs as possible! I would love to someday possibly draw some covers for comics, books & albums and possibly even illustrate a children’s book. I am very versatile.
INSTAGRAM: kevinpwest23
TWITTER: kevinpwest23
FACEBOOK: Kevin P West

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