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Dennis is a consultant by day, podcaster and comic book writer by night. Born and raised in and around the small town of Gettysburg, he continues to call it home today. When not working, podcasting, writing, or spending time at conventions, Dennis is spending time with his big floofy newfoundland Yoshi. Dennis has been hosting, writing, and editing for Botched: A D&D Podcast for the past 7 years. Botched: A D&D Podcast is an improv comedy show draped in the loose skin of Dungeons and Dragons, with a little bit of drinking involved. You can find the podcast on all your podcatchers, such as Itunes or Spotify, or by heading over to

Dennis has been creating his comic series - Lycan: Solomon’s Odyssey over the last 5 years. The series follows the life of the world’s first werewolf. It is a mixture of horror, mythology, and a sprinkling of history. With Chapters 1 & 2 both complete, and Chapter 3 in production, Dennis plans to come out with another Chapter each year until the series concludes at 15 books. Independently published, Dennis launches each book on Kickstarter. If you would like to check out the first 18 pages for free, or the full books, either physically or digitally, you can find the books over at In addition, there you can find regular updates on upcoming books, Kickstarter launch news, sign up for the email newsletter, or check out his patreon.

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