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Eye Can Illustrate It


My name is Yago and I’ve been a lifelong comicbook fan ever since
I picked up my first Incredible HULK over twenty years ago. I’m originally from Washington DC where I attended Duke Ellington School of the Arts Sr High. There, I learned the finer points of anatomy and I made it a goal to try to bring that to my comic illustrations. After graduating from Duke, I moved to Grand Rapids Michigan where I attended Kendall College of Art and Design. Here,
I learned to add color to my pieces.

When it comes to comicbook art, my passion is to put as much emotion into art as possible. I want the viewer to be pulled into each piece. I like to imagine real people who happen to have super powers. My favorite illustrators are Alex Ross (and to some degree) just about every original artist from Image. Although I now work primarily from my iPad creating digital paintings of my favorite characters, my first love will always be pencil and paper. I’m a freelance artist and examples of my digital work can be found on my Instagram page Eye Can Illustrate It. Here, I like to take orders for commissions and interact with other comic book fans.

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