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Kurt Zauer is a comic book fan and creator that lives in the Chicago burbs. He’s a student of murk, mayhem, and the macabre as well as a lackey to a pair of dachshunds. He’s silly and ignorant, but guts is enough. Received his English degree from UW: Madison but for some reason is a full time IT guy. When he’s not writing, he’s watching movies, tabletop gaming, or trying to stay in shape. He is a recently retired Army National Guard veteran.
Kurt Zauer has successfully Kickstarted and published 4 issues of his supernatural thriller, Spectress & Sabanion. He’s launching his first spinoff, Ruxy Vampire, in the summer of 2023. He’s worked with some fantastic artists in the comics industry: Topper Helmers, Mog Park, Chris Ehnot, Ivan Tao, Wesley Wong and others.

Kurt Zauer
Writer/Owner of Cagey Comics LLC
Kurt Zauer - Comic Book Writer (@kurtzauer) | Instagram
Personal FB Profile: (20+) Kurt Zauer | Facebook
Business FB Page: (20+) Cagey Comics - Home of Kurt Zauer | Facebook

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