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Artist Alley Booth B-2

ArtsieArtist is a self-taught digital artist focusing primarily in anime stylized illustrations created on their iPad using Procreate. Often they find themselves inspired by Sailor Moon, One Piece, and various DC/Marvel super villains and heroes. Each piece is created with bold, fun colors to offset characters who may otherwise be dark, or grim, for a bit of energetic whimsy. By doing so, ArtsieArtist strives to bring a bit of their personality to each piece to make it stand out from the crowd.

By attending comic cons, ArtsieArtist is able to meet fans, and share their art with local and traveling enthusiasts. Artsieartist has been published in four separate publications, and is currently working on broadening their portfolio to portray to include traditional drawings, paintings, and one of a kind pieces. When they are not making art, they are thinking of more art they could be making, or hanging out with their adorable pets in their Michigan residence.

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