Art of Patrick West

Artist Alley Booth A-9

My name is Patrick West, I am a local Grand Rapids artist. My family has encouraged my passion for drawing my whole life, even as I study mechanical engineering at Western Michigan University here in Kalamazoo. I use most of my free time continuing to try and improve as an artist, because art is what I love to do. Somehow, It can always relax me no matter how stressful school and life can get. 
I mostly just draw for myself right now, but I am trying to start sharing my artwork with more people so that hopefully they will get the same enjoyment out of it that I do. My style is mostly black and white pencil/ graphite drawings currently, but I have begun doing a little digital coloring. My absolute favorite subjects to draw are Marvel and Star Wars, but everything pop culture is fun!

Feel free to visit my Instagram and Facebook pages, @art_of_patrick_west and @ArtofPatrickWest.