Alexis Tipton
“My Hero Academia”,  “Dragon Ball Super”

Aaron Dismuke
“RWBY”, “fairy Tale”, “My Hero Academia”

Samantha Ireland
“RWBY”, “Camp Camp”, “Red vs. Blue”

Shannon McCormick
“RWBY”, “Camp Camp”, “Red Vs Blue”

Jason Marsden
voice of Haku in Spirited Away

Zeno Robinson
Superalloy Blackluster in “One Punch Man” 

Kerrigan Mahan
Kiki’s Delivery Service, “Robotech”, “Captain Harlock”

Derek Padula is the world’s foremost professional Dragon Ball scholar. He illuminates the real-world historical, spiritual, and philosophical culture of Dragon Ball to enable readers to better understand the series and empower themselves on their own life journeys. Derek has written nine books on the franchise and will be selling his books all weekend as well as doing a couple panels, so make sure to visit him at the show and pick up a couple books. You can find his page on the site here.

Anime Screenings!

There will an anime screening room running open to close each day in Grand Gallery Overlook A, sponsored by the good people at JAFAX. This programming room will center attention on anime and manga screenings straight from Crunchyroll, so you know it is fresh stuff. Schedule to be announced at show. Take some time to relax and check out some of the newest anime coming right out of Japan!



Friday at 3:00 pm in Grand Gallery E-F

Tony Isabella

Cheesy Monsters Raid Again!

Tony discusses his new book on some of those godawful monster movies of the past and gets a good laugh at their expense. Expect some corny jokes and bad one-liners from our closet Kaiju fan.

Friday at 4:30 pm in Monroe Rooms

Aaron Dismuke, Shannon McCormick, and Samantha Ireland

A Rooster Teeth Panel

Rooster Teeth voice actors Aaron Dismuke, Samantha Ireland, and Shannon McCormick discuss working for the independent animation company and making anime in Texas.

Friday at 5:30 pm in Grand Gallery A-C

Alexis Tipton

Voice Acting As A career

Alex has vocied hundreds of animes including “My Hero Academia”, “Escaflowne”, and “Dragon Ball Super”. She discusses her career, how she became a voice actress for the first time, and what is next for her.


Saturday at 11:00 am in Grand Gallery Overlook C-D

Derek Padula

How to Name Your Characters, Dragon Ball Style
Learn how to name people, places, and things like the ones in Dragon Ball, the world’s most-recognized anime and manga.

Saturday at 12:30 pm in Grand gallery Overlook E

Jarrett Ardell

Anime Vs. Cartoon

We love anime. And we love cartoons. If it involves the process of moving images frame by frame, that’s pretty cool. But did you ever wonder how anime and western animation diverged to become such different mediums in the past 100 years? Follow along with NoahClue (animation scholar & audio/video producer) as we trace the origins and independent developments that came to define our modern understandings of these 2 different fields of animation.

Saturday at 3:45 pm in Grand Gallery Overlook C-D

Nicole Porter (Feliciano), Simon Cedarquist, and Malcolm Joseph

Hetalia: Ask A Nation

Ever had a question you wanted to ask one of the nations from Hetalia? Come and ask! We’ll take questions of both serious and good humor, just don’t expect the answers to be historically accurate.

Saturday at 5:30 pm in Grand Gallery Overlook E

Jarrett Ardell

Evolution of Dubbed Anime

Since the 1960s, English voice acting has been a valuable and underrated tool in bridging the language barrier for Western anime fans. From the hammy days of Billie Lou Watt’s Astro Boy, all the way to the modern simulcasts of Clifford Chapin’s Bakugo. Looking back at examples from throughout the decades, host NoahClue breaks down the evolution of dubbed anime to highlight the unsung actors of the microphone.


Sunday at 2:45 pm in Grand Gallery Overlook C-D

Derek Padula

The Way Of Goku

From Human to Saiyan! Discover how to transform your mind, body, and spirit—the Goku way!