Angela Melzak

Booth C-6

Angela Melzak also known as Kuroitenshi has had a love of art as far back as she can remember. The pencil has been her sword since the beginning and as she grew, so did her love for trying different mediums from traditional pen, ink and markers to digital such as Photoshop and Paint Tool Sai. On the days she’s not drawing she might be weaving Delica beads into intricate patterns or perhaps putting a wand or three together.

Kuroitenshi’s style would be highly influenced by the 80s and 90s anime with a pinch of western style. Techniques vary depending on medium like working traditionally she colors from dark to light while the opposite is true when going digitally. She also likes making as much as she can herself even laminating or making buttons. But her favorite thing to do is breathing life into her original characters for others to see and hopefully love as well.