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Amie Donald

Amie Donald headshot.jpg

Amie Donald is a New Zealand child actress and dancer known for starring as the title character in the 2022 horror film M3GAN. She is a dancer who has performed in international competitions. She represented New Zealand at the Dance World Cup in 2019, where she was the first competitor from her country to win medals: a silver and a bronze. Donald began her acting career by appearing as Maya Monkey in the Netflix TV series Sweet Tooth, in 2021. In the 2022 film, M3GAN, Donald starred as the titular character. The trailer for M3GAN went viral due to significant coverage regarding Donald's dance moves and physicality as the killer doll in the film. Donald received movement coaching for the film from Jed Brophy and Luke Hawker. In the film, Donald "performed her own stunts and co-choreographed the killer dance sequence from the film that went viral on TikTok". Donald also surprised directors by figuring out how to do certain difficult movements on her own, such as a "cobra rise" from the ground without using her arms, and running through the woods on all fours. Film wrote of Donald's acting that "it's that human performance that really takes the creation from mildly creepy to terrifying... much of M3GAN's physicality came directly from Donald".



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