Alissa Terracciano

Booth D-5

Alissa M. Terracciano is an illustrator, writer, nerd, and makeup junkie living and working in Michigan. Fandom culture, folklore, mythology, and fairy tales have been intertwined in her work almost since the beginning. Starting in her adult life, the art of drag and being part of the LGBT+ community have also become heavy influences on her illustrations. She wouldn’t be opposed to descriptions of low-brow or pop-surrealism, despite the delicate details, carefully composed color palettes, and visual symbolism often featured in her work.

Today, Alissa runs her own online shops through both Etsy and Storenvy, and runs her own Patreon page, all while mothering two tiny mutts. She takes commissions online, and sells her work in artist alleys at various comic, anime, and pop culture conventions as well. In addition to illustrating and writing, she has taken up crafting intricate articulated paper dolls, and needle felting as a hobby. Whether her work features the creepy, the cute, or both simultaneously, she aims to tell a story with a whimsical flair in a single image.