Alisha N. Richardson

Artist Alley Booth C-9

In the dead of night when most are fast asleep, you will find Alisha awake pouring her creativity into her next piece of art. She enjoys creating both digital and traditional artwork in ink, colored pencils, and/or markers. Her main inspiration comes from the things around her, especially nature. She has an interest in character design as well. This interest is reflected in not only her original work, but also in fan art of her favorite characters from anime, comics, and TV series.

Alisha was the cover artist for the November 2021 Grand Rapids Comic-Con. Currently, Alisha sells prints, magnets, cards, and original copies of her artwork. Outside of drawing, she enjoys cosplaying, alternative j-fashion, sculpting, and collecting strange items. Alisha graduated in May 2022 with her AAS degree in Animation and Game Art.

To see more of Alisha’s work, please visit her website here: