Alchemical Streets

Artist Alley Booth A-4

Alchemical Streets is run by Riley Vuong— or as he is mostly recognized as: “Ry”. He is a Viet-American transgender (he/him) artist based in Grand Rapids, MI. In May of 2023, he will graduate with a BFA in Illustration at Grand Valley State University and continue pursuing for a MFA in the field. As of right now he is accepting commissions and client work from seeking art directors and publishers.

He specializes in creating original narratives, currently focusing on his upcoming ‘Nefastus’ graphic novel which features a young vigilante who exists in both the spiritual and mortal realms. A lot of his inspirations stem from monsters and the supernatural, hence his frequent use of the creepy or wicked. In recent years he has developed a fondness for the DC-universe, making conceptual work for characters, such as his claimed favorite anti-hero, Jason Todd / Red Hood.