After Hours

Just because the vending hall has closed does not mean that the Grand Rapids Comic-Con is over for the evening. Quite the opposite! There will be a plethora of activities at the Grand Rapids Comic-Con after the main hall closes for those who want some late night entertainment. Every activity is part of the admission price, so you don’t need to pay an additional admission charge for any of these after hours events. So plan on sticking around after hours and check out some additional fun!

Friday and Saturday Night

Huge Gaming Area!

photo/Tori Hallwood

The Grand Rapids Comic-Con will have a wide variety of gaming happening each night until 11:55 pm up in the River Overlook Rooms. There will be a wide variety of board, card, and electronic gaming of all types going on deep into the evening, as well as an escape room. Make sure to check out all of the activities upstairs in River Overlook in the gaming area at the Grand Rapids Comic-Con here.

Anime Screenings!

There will an anime screening room running open to close each day in Grand Gallery Overlook A, sponsored by Kogan Con! This programming room will center attention on anime and manga screenings straight from FUNimaton, so you know it will be great stuff. Schedule to be announced at show. Take some time to relax and check out some of the newest anime coming right out of Japan! Each night until 11:45 pm in River Overlook A on both nights!

Friday Night

Grindhouse Film Festival

Welcome to the grindhouse! The Grand Rapids Comic-Con is pleased to be hosting a showcase of student and independent grindhouse film shorts at the event at 10 pm in Grand Gallery E-F. This festival will be part of the show and no additional tickets or expenses will be expected of fans to attend the event. This film festival will have more of a R-rated slant and nobody will be allowed to enter this film festival that is under the age of 17 unless they are accompanied by their parent or legal guardian. You can find out more about the festival here.

Trivia Challenge

Grab some of your nerdiest friends and come down to Friday night of Grand Rapids Comic Con to challenge your knowledge on your favorite fandoms in a friendly Nerd Trivia competition, hosted by Quizmaster Chris Goad. Candy, geeky gifts, and other swag will be up for grabs. Teams must consist of one to four people.  Event will be held in Grand Gallery D on Friday starting at 7:00 pm. You may find out more about the Trivia Challenge by visiting here.

Anime Idol

Anime Idol is a high energy singing and dancing competition which brings many regional and local performers to one stage to compete for best singer, best dancer, and Anime Idol (both).

Friday, November 11
7:00-11:45 pm
Grand Gallery Overlook A-C

More information can be found here.

Friday “After Hours” Panels and Showings

Silent Film Screening: Metropolis

Grand Gallery E-F at 6:45 pm

Check out the classic science fiction film as it was originally meant to be seen: the long, uncut version. Screening with include an organist and an introduction to the film. Check out how your ancestors would have watched a movie!



Come sing your heart out in a fun, casual, and judgement free setting! We have all kinds of music and a wifi hotspot to pull down even more from the internet and an aux cable to use music from your phone! I will also have a contactless karaoke form that will ensure compliance with any state or local guidelines that may still be in place. Hosted by Aeonica Cosplay, who is a panelist, cosplayer, photographer and karaoke host whom one can find at conventions across the Midwest.

Saturday, November 12 from 7:00 pm until 11:45 pm in Grand Gallery Overlook A-B.

Find out more about this all-ages karaoke event here.

Saturday “After Hours” Panels and Showings

Film Showing of Carrie & Jess Save the Universe

Grand Gallery A-C at 7:30pm

Carrie and Jess, best friends and aspiring rock stars, take a vacation to the Beach Planet, but their plans are interrupted when they encounter the heinous Space Queen, who’s using a portable black hole to usurp power from the President of Earth!

PurplePC Twitch Streaming Panel

Grand Gallery D at 8:15pm

Inside of this panel we would be focusing on PurplePC’s journey on his Twitch carrier as well as giving tips on streaming and how to keep focus.

Gaming Live Improv with The One-Legged GM

Grand Gallery Overlook C-D at 7:00pm

Join Bryan and his crew in a comedic improv actual-play of their new game. Audience will help steer the story, choose spells, and much more! Lots of laughs and shenanigans to follow.

Star Trek Club: The Final Frontier…

Grand Gallery Overlook E at 7:00 pm

Since 2019, the USS Grand Petoskey has grown to be one of the largest Star Trek Fan Club chapters in the World, and we are based right here in West Michigan! Come join us as we celebrate our membership, talk about the perks and the fun of being a chapter member, and host a silent auction to benefit MAKE-A-WISH of MICHIGAN. 

Movies Everybody Disagrees with You On

Grand Gallery E-F at 7:00 pm

Have you ever had that movie you love but everyone else hates, or that movie you hate but everyone else loves? Well now’s your chance to make your voice heard! Join Doug Walker and the Nostalgia Critic gang in discussing what and why certain films get more attention than others should, and see if your movie is celebrated or despised as much as you think!

Riffing A Movie: Batman And Robin

Grand Gallery E-F at 8:15 pm

The Nostalgia Critic, The Cinema Snob, and the rest of the Channel Awesome gang riff the infamous 1997 “classic” superhero film starring George Clooney, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Uma Thurman, and Chris O’Donnell.

Restaurant, Coffee Shop, and Bar Information

experience grand rapids logo

Experience Grand Rapids will have a booth in the main hallway at the Grand Rapids Comic-Con with maps to the local restaurants, coffee shops, and bars as well as information on other attractions in Grand Rapids, available free of charge. You may find out more information on Experience Grand Rapids and the night life in our little town here.

You can download a list of restaurants and bars in downtown Grand Rapids here.