Artist Alley

The following are the artists that will be in the artist alley at the Grand Rapids Comic-Con, which will be held on November 13-15 at the DeVos Place. Click on their picture for more information on the artist, including links to their work and how to buy commissions.

Steve Bejma

Todd Black

Andy Budnick

Ben Byrd

Sean Carolin

Luis Colindres

Luke Daab

Jean Davis

Eddy Decker

Jay Defoy

Deosil Designs

Anh Dinh

Allen Douglas

Bill Embil

Kevin Epling


Kyle Irving

Steve Jencks

Will Jones

Kyle Kaminski

Topher Kearby

LAM-ination Studio

Stefani Manard

Christy McCulfor

Kevis Mitchell

Tom Molloy

Dimitris Moore

Raychel Morgan

Kelsey Neveu

Faith Newman

Drew Norman

Travis Perkins

Jamie Primack

Jeremy Provost

Fil Romero

Rye’s Asylum

Roger Scholz


Tobie Sidell

Sugar Lich

Erica Syverson

Toe Beanz

C.R. Warner

Erik Whalen

Jeanette Wummel

Art by Zaheroux

Beth Zyglowicz