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Download vending kit here.

Here is the vendor kit for the 2014 Grand Rapids Comic-Con at the Delta Plex on November 21-23, 2014. Enclosed are the rules (a few updates but pretty much the same), the contract, a hype sheet, and details from the Delta Plex for electrical and internet access.

We will consider your space reserved when the following is done:

  • We have a copy of the contract in our hands (a pdf is fine) and
  • We have payment in full for the contract.

Here is a map of the layout of the vending area at the Grand Rapids Comic-Con. Anything blotted out is not available for sale. All corner booth spaces are officially sold out! There are inland booth spaces still available but they are selling fairly quickly!

The following is a map of the vending room at the Grand Rapids Comic-Con and what is sold at this time:

Floor Plan as of September 15

If you can pay through Paypal please do so at If you would rather mail a check please call us at 616-281-5930 (ask for Mark) as soon as possible and pdf a contract (you may download one here) to us at We can reserve your space and wait seven (7) days for a check, but if we are not paid within that period we will release your space to other vendors.

If you are an artist that wanted to be in Artist Alley last show and decided instead to buy a booth: you may want to consider applying for Artist Alley this year. Participants in Artist Alley must do either original art or original prints of their work and their booth must feature their art only with well under half of their booth being crafts-type of works (buttons, keychains, plushies, etc). You may find the information and application here.

If your booth is 100% crafts–items you make yourself exclusively–then consider applying for our crafts alley. We will have a very limited amount of space available to people who have exclusively crafts booths at a lower rate. If you are interested or want to ask if you qualify  please write us back and ask for that application. You may find the information and application here.

Once your space is paid in full you will be passed on to our vending coordinator Erika Lobdell and she will assign your space. Erika will also be your contact for items such as logistics, questions, and unusual requests. You may contact her at

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