Vending Hall

You may download the vending contract here. Corner booths are sold out! Inlines and wall spaces available.

photo/William Christopher Burgess

photo/William Christopher Burgess

We are currently accepting vendor applications for the Grand Rapids Comic-Con, which will be held on November 9-11, 2018, at the DeVos Place in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Our last show had over 28,000 confirmed people through the turnstiles and we are expecting even more growth this year!

The Grand Rapids Comic-Con is hosted in the heart of West Michigan, one of the most vibrant and economically sound communities in the Midwest. Downtown Grand Rapids is about as exciting as they come, complete with a thriving night life and a wonderful selection of micro breweries and other after-hours facilities. Combined with one of the most prosperous art scenes in the United States, it is no wonder that Lonely Planet listed Grand Rapids as one of the ten best travel destinations in the United States.

Vendors will be assigned space on a first come-first serve basis, and we will consider your application complete when the following is done:

  • We have a copy of the contract in our hands (a pdf is fine); and
  • We have payment in full for the contract.

The following is a map of what has been sold so far, updated as of August 10:


photo/Jacky Petters

If you can pay through Paypal please do so at If you would rather mail a check send it to the following: West Michigan Convention Ventures, 2256 20th St., Hopkins, MI 49328. Make sure to let us know that you mailed your application by emailing us at 

Once your space is paid in full you will be passed on to our vending coordinator Jennifer Hodges and she will assign your space. Jennifer will also be your contact for items such as logistics, questions, and unusual requests. You may contact her at

Please note: If you are a vendor that does not sell comic or pop culture related items such as home improvement items, insurance, etc., then we will accept your application starting on October 10.

You may download the vending contract hereCorner booths are sold out! Inlines and wall spaces available.