Susan Dennard

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Susan Dennard writes novels for all ages with quirky characters and a dash of the bizarre (or perhaps lots of amusement).

She grew up in Georgia, where she suffered from mosquitos, humidity, and a desperate desire to live in a castle. There were also crazy vegetarian parents involved. Needless to say, she read a lot in those days and often composed wretched stories for her sister’s amusement. Eventually she went off to university, received degrees in marine biology and statistics, and thought she would devote her life to saving the world from overfishing. As such, she moved to Canada where she received her Masters degree in marine biology but also met a handsome Frenchman. A year later, when the choice came to pursue her PhD or joining the aforementioned Frenchman in Europe, she chose the latter.

With no oceans nearby, she turned her attention to writing for publication. A year and a half later, her debut novel Something Strange And Deadly sold to HarperCollins in a three-book deal. The prequel A Dawn Most Wicked and the sequel A Darkness Strange and Lovely are also available from HarperTeen. The final installment in the series, Strange And Ever After, released in July 2014.

An all-new series called “The Witchlands” has been published by Tor with the publication of the first book Truthwitch in 2016. Truthwitch debuted at #4 on the New York Times bestseller list for Young Adult books. The second book in the series, Windwitch, was published in 2017.

She also co-writes a space opera series called The Starkillers Cycle with fellow young adult writer Sarah J. Maas which can be found here.

susan dennard bookSusan enjoys long walks on the beach–really, she does. Tidal pools are always fun to marine biologists. She also enjoys long walks with her dogs (an Irish setter named Asimov and a terrier mutt named Princess Leia). But even more than walks, she enjoy reading. Science fiction, fantasy, literary, non-fiction, mystery and the occasional picture book are all consumed with enthusiasm–as are cookies. As her favorite food, she consumes all forms of cookies with enthusiasm, too.

You can find Susan’s website including a writer’s blog here.