Star Trek

It doesn’t get much more classic in science fiction than original cast members of Star Trek, and we are very honored to be hosting Walter Koenig who was the original Chekov in the classic series. Walter also performed in all six of the original movies in his position on the bridge of the USS Enterprise. Make sure to meet him at the Grand Rapids Comic-Con on November 9-11.

Lt. Saru is the current acting captain on “Star Trek Discovery”, and we are humbled to announce that the man behind the mask will be at our show on November 9-11. Meet Doug Jones and make sure to get a signature of the newest person who portrays the captain on a Federation starship. Doug will be at the show all three days.

Lt. Cmdr Airiam is an instrumental character in the end of the Federation-Klingon War and received the Starfleet Medal Of Honor in 2257 for her achievements as portrayed in “Star Trek Discovery”. Sara Mitich is the person behind all of Airiam’s synthetic-human hybrid make-up, and she will be at the Grand Rapids Comic-Con all three days. Make sure to take some time and say hello and get an autograph.



4:15 pm on the Main Stage

Walter Koenig

The Journey Of A Sci-Fi Career

Lt. Chekov from the original “Star Trek” and Alfred Bester from “Babylon 5” discusses his lengthy career in movies and television. Hear him share stories from the sets of these iconic television shows. A question and answer session will follow.


11:00 am in Grand Gallery Overlook C-D

Charlie Carden, April Carden, Marjorie Steele

Star Trek: Into the Next 50 Years

Trek is back! Talk about exciting new developments in one of entertainment’s greatest Sci-Fi franchises!

7:00 pm in Grand Gallery Overlook A-B

Couch Potatoes Unite!

Trekking Through the Final Frontier: The CPU! Voyage Into the Neutral Zone

We took on DC vs Marvel. You were there when we pitted Star Trek against Star Wars, picking space battles galore. Now, Couch Potatoes Unite! embarks upon more (un)necessary nerdy fighting as we enter the Neutral Zone! This time, in honor of guest Walter Koenig, we pit characters, ships, villains, and other aspects of Star Trek generations/incarnations against each other! Kirk or Picard? The Enterprise or DS9? Romulans or Borg? Hop aboard with Kylie Piette, Kyle Brown, Nick Milbratz, and Sarah Milbratz as we tempt war Trekking Through the Final Frontier!