Speakers and Moderators

Allen Stewart: Allen Stewart is the curator of The Hall of Heroes Super Hero Museum in Elkhart, Indiana. Hall of Heroes is the only Comic Book and Super Hero Museum in the country. Hall of Heroes covers the 75+ year history of Super Heroes in Comics, Toys, Film and Animation. The Museum displays over 60,000 comics from the Golden Age Era to present including every Marvel Comic and a complete collection of all Super Hero Comics from 1956-present. Allen has also appeared on several television shows including “The Toy Hunter” series from The Travel Channel this past spring, “Stan Lee’s Super Fans” series in 2012, and the F/X “Collectible Show” in 1995. In addition, he was also one of the five finalists to play Robin in Batman Forever before losing the role to actor Chris O Donnell. Allen will be handling panels on Marvel Comics characters and publications.

Randy Zimmerman: Randy has been producing alternative comics, mostly self published, for the last three decades.  After having created such titles as Tales From the Aniverse, War Of the Worlds, The Fool, and Spank The Monkey among others for the direct market, and published under the Arrow and Massive Comics banners, Randy began looking for other outlets to produce and distribute comics.  In 2009 Randy co-founded and edited Flint Comix and Entertainment, a free to readers, advertisement supported,  comics and entertainment newspaper he produces and distributes in the Flint area. Flint Comix has enjoyed over five years of monthly publishing, distributed in over 250 outlets around Flint and the surrounding counties and is still going strong, having just released its’ sixty-fifth monthly issue.  For the last decade Randy has also taught cartooning to students during and after school via the United Way’s Bridges To The Future and YouthQuest programs as well as through the VSA arts program (teaching the arts to challenged students throughout America).

And last but certainly not least, the staff of Court Of Nerds

Drew McCarthy is a local radio personality, heard weekdays on 101-3 The Brew and ESPN 96-1. He’s the father to a little nerd and common law husband to a beautiful nerd. He loves reading books, writing short bios, watching anime and spending time away from his cellphone.

Jonathan Calvaruso is the Italian Tony Stark – Tony Starkaruso. Jon is the guy who still watches Star Wars on VHS. He also likes Lord Of The Rings, cooking and YOU.

Grant Stoye is a freelance writer and podcaster who followed his wife Northward, despite the onslaught of winter. He’s never met an issue of “Jimmy Olsen” he didn’t like. He hates doing these.

Benjamin Raven – or Braven the Hunter — is a Detroit-based Trending News Reporter for MLive Media Group and tall human. He loves Spider-Man, The Flash and professional wrestling. He is a master of telling a dark joke while following it up with a misleading smile and childlike giggle.

Emily is a writer, actor, and cosplayer with too many projects and hobbies.  If there’s an excuse to wear something questionable to the general public, she’ll take the bait.  She enjoys the Ninja Turtles more than any 30-something woman probably should, and will likely give you an unwanted nickname like an Alias Fairy Godmother.

Gregg Aronica is the Executive Producer of a morning radio talk show. A collector and aficionado of all things Pokemon and Legend of Zelda, he takes his dog on long Pokewalks to the Pokepark. You can sometimes find him lurking on Reddit (he’s made the front page, like, twice), and complaining about the finer points of micro-transactions in online forums.

Kevin Carley is master of forbidden lore and the lost words of creation. He resides on a mountain where he mates bobcats to the sounds of snowblowers. Some call him for dinner, others say he has had too much, we call him Sledge. He is husband to the one who determines fate and father to one who rescues it.