Kirk Scroggs

kirk scroggs headshotAs a boy, Kirk Scroggs entertained himself by drawing unusual pictures of monsters, witches, and zombies. As an adult, Scroggs has sustained this childhood hobby by expanding it into a career as an author and illustrator of children’s books.

Kirk’s literary career began with the 2006 hit Dracula Vs. Grampa at the Monster Truck Spectacular. Nine other books in the “Wiley and Grampa’s Creature Feature” series for older elementary school readers were released between 2006-2009 including Grampa’s Zombie BBQ (2006), Hair Ball From Outer Space (2007), and Jurassic Grampa (2009).

Kirk switched gears and started writing a series called “Tales Of A Sixth Grade Muppet,” which is about a sixth grader who is turned into a Muppet and becomes The Great Gonzo’s personal assistant. The self-titled debut was unleashed onto an unsuspecting world in 2011 and was an instant hit. Three books have since followed with more to come.

kirk scroggs book coverAn all-new series called “Snoop Troop” will debut when the first book Snoop Troop: It Came From Beneath The Playground hits bookstores everywhere in September.

Compared by critics to Dav Pilkey’s popular “Captain Underpants” series for upper elementary readers, Scroggs’ stories utilize off-the-wall humor and pictures to capture readers’ attention. Elaine E. Knight, reviewing the author’s work for School Library Journal, noted that Scroggs’ book Bigfoot Backpacking Bonanza, with its “smart-aleck dialogue, frenetic plot action, and mild but pervasive body jokes,” is aimed squarely at the reluctant reader. Knight also commented on the book’s comics-like illustrations, writing that Scroggs adds to the humor with disassociated but “amusing background activity, and a variety of visual puns.” A Kirkus Reviews wrote of Dracula vs. Grampa at the Monster Truck Spectacular that because the author/illustrator’s fast-paced plot line allows the story to “zoom … by in a flash,” Scroggs’ books will likely leave bookstore shelves “with the speed of a Captain Underpants episode.” Kathleen Meulen, reviewing the same book for School Library Journal, predicted that Scroggs’ work will become a “high-interest choice for younger or reluctant readers.”

Scroggs told SATA: “I was born and raised in Austin, Texas. In kindergarten, my teachers were so ‘impressed’ with my demented drawings of zombies, witches, and monsters that they called my parents and even recommended that a few ‘experts’ take a look at my work. Thankfully, for my poor mother, I grew out of this monster kick and went on to study film at the University of Texas. This inspired me to move to sunny Los Angeles to pursue the dream of working in retail and living in a luxury un-air-conditioned apartment. After years of re-assessment and reflection, I have finally realized my true calling: drawing demented pictures of zombies, witches, and monsters.”

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4:30 pm to 5:30 pm–Seminar in upstairs ballroom

6:00 pm to 8:00 pm–Autograph session in booth 909-911


Snoop Troop Recruitment with Kid’s Book Author / Illustrator, Kirk Scroggs: Join children’s Author and Illustrator, Kirk Scroggs, as he introduces you to a gallery of oddball characters from his Tales of a Sixth-Grade Muppet books and his new action-packed mystery series, Snoop Troop. Not only will Kirk reveal the secrets to his delightfully demented tales, there will even\ be an opportunity for kids to help him create a whole new Snoop Troop chapter, Mad Libs-style, which he will then try and illustrate at warp speed, without taking a breath! Whew! Come and join the fun, and feel free to ask Kirk any questions you may have about writing, illustrating, or hi-tech laser-guided mustaches!

Autograph Session

A selection of Kirk’s books will be available for purchase including her newest work.