Kevin Sorbo VIP

An Intimate Evening With Kevin Sorbo

Friday, October 20

8:15 until 11:00 pm

Grand Gallery E-F

Make sure to spend an evening after the Grand Rapids Comic-Con with “Hercules: The Legendary Journeys” and “Andromeda” star Kevin Sorbo!

Kevin will have a specialized Hercules and Andromeda photo that he never sells at any convention that will be available to all people who attend the after party.  He will also show a favorite episode of one of his starring roles and will do a Q and A after the movie. Each fan will receive one of those specialized signed pictures and a photo with their camera as part of the experience. We will also include an official letter from the Grand Rapids Comic-Con authenticating the photos and signatures.

We will limit attendance to this party to 100 people maximum, so this will be an intimate experience to meet one of TV’s largest stars and learn a bit more about him.


This event will also be fully catered with specialized desserts from the Amway Grand Plaza to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Culinary Dessert Display including cheesecake tartlet with fruit garnish, a variety of miniature cupcakes, dark chocolate dipped strawberries, chocolate hazelnut cannoli, and chocolate truffles.

Assorted Pepsi soda products and bottled water


Tickets for “An Intimate Evening with Kevin Sorbo” will run $110 per person and will include everything mentioned. You must also have a valid Grand Rapids Comic-Con ticket for Friday, October 20, in addition to the VIP ticket to attend. You may obtain tickets for “An Intimate Evening With Kevin Sorbo” here.