Ken Johnson

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Ken Johnson has spent the last several years studying and analyzing the groundbreaking show “Batman: The Animated Series”. His four volume series on the show, The Man Who Watched Batman, is one of the most in depth breakdowns of the series in its 25 year legacy.

While Ken Johnson’s love of Batman and nerd culture reaches back to his childhood of reading his dad’s comic books and watching ’70s and ’80s cartoon reruns, his love of “Batman: The Animated Series” really took off while attending Compass College of Cinematic Arts. Using skills learned there, Ken began to see the overlooked depth and quality of not only “Batman: The Animated Series”, but in all sorts of other Saturday morning cartoons.

Outside of his Batman work, he has journeyed into the comic industry as a writer and continues to write review novels on shows throughout the DC animated universe. Now with four review novels under his belt, Ken looks to take the plunge into traditional comic books with his upcoming horror comic “Corpse Corp.”

You can order his newest book here.


Friday at 3:30 pm

Grand Gallery E-F

The Legacy of “Batman: The Animated Series”

Ken Johnson has written four books on the legacy of the famous animated television show, and here he discusses the show’s impact on pop culture.

Saturday at 12:30 pm

Main Stage

Batman: The Animated Series

Adrienne Barbeau, Loren Lester, Diane Pershing, Clive Revill, and Brandon Vietti discuss their roles in the influential television series and its impact on pop culture throughout the years as well as Batman’s legacy. Hosted by Ken Johnson.