The Grand Rapids Comic-Con is pleased that we will be hosting two of the actors who actually wore and performed in the Gojira suits in a total of six Godzilla films from Toho Studios in Japan. This is an ultra rare opportunity to actually meet some of the guys in the costumes behind Japan’s largest pop culture export and get an autograph.

Also make sure to attend the Godzilla panel, which will be held sometime during the weekend. Panel schedule will be out in September.

Haruo Nakajima, the first man in the Godzilla suit and originally scheduled to attend the Grand Rapids Comic-Con, passed away on August 7. We are honored to have in attendance at the Grand Rapids Comic-Con Sonoe Nakajima, who is Haruo’s daughter. She will be doing a retrospective-style panel on her father–not the Godzilla suit actor, not the kaiju legend, not the Japanese personality, but Dad–and she will share personal experiences and the home life of her unique childhood. Expect this to be a deeply personal and moving experience. This is a must-attend panel for all Godzilla fans who would like to know more about the real people behind the movie magic!


Friday at 8:00 pm

Monroe Rooms A-D

Sonoe Nakajima

Haruo Nakajima, My Father

Sonoe is the daughter of Haruo Nakajima, the famed original Godzilla suit actor who recently passed away. She will be doing a retrospective on her father—not the kaiju actor, not the Godzilla suit guy, but Dad—and will share a deep look at her famous father.

Saturday at 3:30 pm

Main Stage


Tsutomu Kitagawa and Mizuho Yoshida discuss Toho Pictures and their roles as the King Of All Monsters in various Godzilla films as well as their other kaiju roles.

Mizuho Yoshida
Godzilla, Death Ghidorah, Gamera

Tsutomu Kitagawa
Godzilla 2000 through Godzilla: Final Wars, also King Ghidorah and Super Sentai!