Frank Tieri

Booth 341

Frank Tieri has been active in comics, tv and film for over 20 years with past work on Harley Quinn, Deadpool, Ravencroft, Pestilence, Wolverine, Red Sonja and many more.

His Twitter feed is here.


Saturday, November 12

Main Stage in Steelcase Ballroom B

2:45 pm

Frank Tieri, Dirk Manning, and Christy McCulfor

The Art Of Writing Comics

Join these three writers as they discuss the art of writing a good comic story and how to incorporate that into the art form we know as a comic book.

Sunday, November 13

Grand Gallery D

1:15 pm

Frank Tieri

Q&A With Frank

Comic book writer Frank Tieri discusses his career writing comics such as Batman, Deadpool, and Harley Quinn, and takes answers from the audience.