Erica Syverson

Booth E-8

I was born in Petoskey Michigan, and since I was able to wield a pencil, I’ve been fascinated in writing stories, drawing comics, and marrying the two with illustrations that tell a story of its own. I’m marching in a perpetual path of growth, improving, learning, and trying new things to expand my artistic horizons. I work in everything from traditional mediums, to digital, animation, 3D printing, traditional sculpting, costume prosthetic work, wood working and I’m looking forward to adding more to my list in years to come!

When I’m not working at my current position as a graphic designer, I’m a privately contracted illustrator. I typically in fantasy, bringing stories of others to life, or my own! I’m grateful I’ve had such an opportunity to live in a city that fosters support for artistic success here in Grand Rapids.

It is my goal of 2018 to have my first written work out in the public.