Eddy Decker

Booth A-8

Eddy Decker is a self-taught artist specializing in his own unique style called ‘variant art’. This style combines different mediums and techniques used in specific print sets so that each one is stylized in its own theme. In this way, the versatility of his style is increased each time a new set is completed. Watercolor, digital and traditional acrylic are but a few of the mediums used to showcase this special and unique style.

He is also the creator of the popular webcomic, “Far-Out!” an ongoing family friendly graphic novel following the lives of four teenage best friends as they learn how to handle life as only kids can. Eddy lives in the Chicagoland area and travels year long throughout the United States showcasing and promoting his artwork and book series.”

Twitter: @TheEddyDecker
Instagram: @eddydecker