We have been, all will continue to be, in communications with our local Health Departments regarding the running and regulations regarding our event and have been following their guidance and mandates in order to safety put on both the Summer Bash and our November event. This includes Governor Whitmer’s ‘VACC to Normal’, and others. While November is still quite a bit away, and things are changing every day, we will continue to follow the guidance of these same authorities on the matter to ensure the utmost safety for our attendees, guests, and everyone involved in the event.

The guidelines from the Kent County Health Department are the following as of August 10, 2021:

  1. Facemasks are not required, but are heavily encouraged in the face of the Delta variant. Anybody who is not vaccinated and/or has any high risk issues for the virus should wear a mask for their own protection.
  2. Do your best to socially distant.
  3. Wash your hands regularly. We will have multiple hand sanitizer stations around the facility, plus we bought over 300 bottles of hand sanitizer which will be made available to every vendor in attendance.
  4. If you are unvaccinated and/or have an underlying health issue (diabetes, immuno-compromised, former/current cancer patient, etc.) then we would encourage you to take a COVID-19 test a few days after event, especially if you experience any of the classic symptoms.

Kent County Health Department

DeltaPlex Arena COVID-19 Updates

We will also have hand sanitizing stations around the event, hand sanitizers available on tables for vendors, guests, and staff. And masks will be recommended for those who are unvaccinated and those who will feel safer wearing them, unless mandated or required by orders.