Costume Contest

Costume Contest

photo/Truong Lam

Each Grand Rapids Comic-Con show will have a costume contest to reward the best costumes on the Saturday and Sunday of the event.

There Is No Pre-Judging This Year. Why?

This is why the judges are there on stage. A good judge 99% of the time should be able to tell a lot about the costume and its construction within 45 seconds of seeing it and quickly chatting or asking a question. Pre-judging is not necessary on costume  contests that are meant to be fun first and competitive second, which is the goal of the Grand Rapids Comic-Con.

There Are No Entry Requirements This Year. Why?

Everyone regardless if it was homemade or if they bought it at Walmart should have the opportunity to walk across that stage and show off their costume. Cosplay isn’t all about crafting. It’s not just about sewing or armor making. It’s about you as that character! How you wear that costume. Your presentation while in that costume.  We all have different strengths and everyone should be able to have the chance to display them equally.

Costume Contest Rules

photo/Jacky Petters

1.All contest participants must have a Grand Rapids Comic-Con badge good for Saturday, the day of the Adult Costume Contest.  All Children’s Costume Show participants must have a Grand Rapids Comic-Con badge good for Sunday, the day of the Children’s Costume Show. All participants in the Best Costumefrom “Batman: The Animated Series” contest must have a valid badge for Sunday, October 23. This can include specialty and complimentary badges such as dealers, panelists, volunteer, press, and special guests.

2. Staff members of the Grand Rapids Comic-Con are not eligible for the costume contest. Invited costume group (501st, GBMI, USS Sinclair, etc.) members can enter the costume contest if they enter a costume that is not associated with the speciality of their club (for example, a member of the 501st can enter the costume contest on the condition that their entered costume has no association with Star Wars, etc.).

  1. photo/Jacky Petters

    Costume contest will be judged according to the categories posted for their own day.

4. Each person attending the show will be allowed to enter one (1) costume into one (1) category of the contest. If you enter a costume into the group contest, you cannot enter that same costume into other categories.

5. You may not enter a costume that you have entered at a previous year’s Grand Rapids Comic Con.

6. Adult costume contest will be for participants 13 years of age and older. Members that enter group contest may be any age.

7. All costumes must abide by the rules of the convention’s dress and weapons policy. You may find those policies here.

photo/William Christopher Burgess

photo/William Christopher Burgess

8. No glitter, confetti, pyrotechnics, live flames, fireworks, projectiles, or smoke generators of any kind are permitted.

9. Any props brought onstage must leave the stage with you within your allotted time or you will be disqualified.

10. You may use a model for the costume, but the person who created the costume must be present for the judging and costume contest. Group entries may be made by either a single member of the group or multiple members of the group.

11. No electrical connections will be provided. If your costume requires power it must be self-contained within the costume.

photo/Jacky Petters

12. Costumes are judged based on craftsmanship, detail work, accuracy, and overall presentation of the costume.

  1.  We have the right to reject an entry based on inappropriate, unsafe, or illegal behavior and/or violations of the family friendly nature of the convention.

14. All judges’ decisions are final.

15. Certain circumstances may require the rules to be changed.