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Comfort and Adam are an award-nominated husband and wife comic creating team. They write, draw, color, letter, and design all their work together as an equal duo. Comfort and Adam made their name as professional self-publishers with their acclaimed series The Uniques and Rainbow in the Dark. They also wrote a massive how-to book for Random House called The Complete Guide to Self-Publishing Comics and the comic miniseries Kitty Game (with artist Corinne Roberts). Their work can be found on the site, where they’ve been read by millions.When they’re not working on their comics, you can find the couple as guests of comic and anime conventions from coast to coast. They are also educational and motivational speakers, educators, and still find the occasional moment for a side-gig in writing and illustration here and there.Comfort and Adam believe in the philosophy that great stories and art can be both fun and challenging, and you don’t have to choose between entertaining an audience and making them think. In their work, they always seek to do both.They live in Grand Rapids, MI with their five cats. When they’re not drawing, writing, or answering messages they can frequently be seen walking up and down the trail behind their house talking about stories. They also do regular drawing demonstrations on Twitch which you can find here.

You can find us on Tumblr here and our Twitter feed is here. Our website is here.


Friday, November 11

Grand Gallery Overlook A-B

4:30 pm

Scott Rosema and Comfort and Adam

The Brutal Truth Of Making A Living In Comics

Independent comics can be a hard life, but it can be done. Join Scott Rosema and Comfort and Adam as they discuss the unfiltered truth about making a living in comics without working for any of the big companies.

Saturday, November 12

Main Stage in Steelcase Ballroom C

2:45 pm

Renee Witterstaetter, Heather Antos, and Comfort Love

Women In Comics

Join Heather, Renee, and Comfort as they discuss the unique challenges of working as a female in the traditionally male-dominated world of comic books and how the industry has changed over the years.

Grand Gallery D

4:00 pm

Comfort and Adam

Let’s Make a Hero

Everybody loves a hero – they’re the characters you root for and the people you want to be. Award nominated wife and husband action faction Comfort and Adam lead this seminar in two parts: first, you’ll learn what makes great heroes in both writing and in art. Then, Comfort and Adam will invite the audience to participate in creating a new hero which will be designed and drawn live.