Chaotic Neutral Cosplay

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Chaotic Neutral Cosplay started cosplaying with the comic verison of Marvel’s Lady Sif… and now has three versions of Sif, way too many other cosplays and a slight obsession for dressing up as strong characters with big pointy things!

CNC has won several awards for costuming, including first places and best in shows, including C2E2 in Chicago where CNC won 1st in the Armor division with their Skyrim armor.

Chaotic Neutral loves creating plastic armor, leather crafting/tooling, sewing and working on custom patterns; favorite fandoms include: Lord of the Rings, Pokemon, Marvel, anything Sherlock Holmes, Avatar and Pirates of the Caribbean. (among many other things…) CNC also enjoys pizza. Greatly.

Before cosplay, CNC worked on replica costumes and dabbled in film and voice acting, appearing in “Glee” and “Private Practice” when living in LA and being featured on several radio shows after moving back to Michigan. In the spare time (between new cosplays!), CNC enjoys writing, sketching and ballroom dance. Please come and say hello! CNC accepts hugs and gifts of small Groot-like trees (but only if they dance!)

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Cosplay Guests

Cosplay 101

3:15 pm in Grand Gallery A-C

Have you ever wondered how to get started in this awesome hobby? Curious about how our cosplay guests got their starts? Got some first time questions you need answering but not sure who to ask? Just curious about the basics of dressing up like your favorite TV hero? This panel is for you! Come and join our cosplay guests as they discuss how they got started and answer some audience Q&A


Santana Cosplay and Chaotic Neutral Cosplay

Cosplay Positivity: Feeling Confident in Yourself and your Cosplay

12:15 pm in Grand Gallery Overlook A-B

Have you ever struggled with feeling positive about your cosplay or how you look in it?? So have we!! The truth is, Cosplay is for everyone one and we’d like to share some of our experiences  and encourage you to love what you cosplay!

Chaotic Neutral Cosplay and Santana Cosplay

Thermo Plastics 101

1:30 pm in Grand Gallery Overlook A-B

Ready to learn about the basics of thermo plastics, where and when to use them? Got some questions you want answered before you’re ready to start plastic smithing? Need some cheaper alternatives to the name brand plastics? Come and join us and we’ll talk about how not to burn yourself with a heat gun!


Santana Cosplay and Chaotic Neutral Cosplay

Cosplay Intro to Cosplay Makeup and Wigs

1:45 pm in Grand Gallery D

Ready to get started in the basics of making yourself look like someone else? Join us as we discuss and answer the basics of both practical and SFX Cosplay makeup and everyone’s favorite subject, wigs!