Celebrity Photoshoots

photo/Michael Buck for M-Buck Studio

Booth 012

The following are the times that are available for a professional photo opportunity with a favorite celebrity at the Grand Rapids Comic-Con. The celebrity listed will be available for a photo shot by Michael Buck Studios at the times listed below. Make sure to show up a few minutes beforehand to get in line for the special picture!

You may start buying tickets for photoshoots as early as opening on Friday at 2 pm, so if you want to make sure that you will be able to attend the photoshoot you plan on attending you then can buy early. We will not refund tickets if you miss your shoot, so make sure to be there when you are scheduled!

Celebrities will leave the photoshoot area once their line has dissipated, so make sure to arrive before the designated time to make sure you get your picture!

Please note that Tara Sands and Lucie Pohl do not participate in professional photo ops but you can get a selfie at their table during their autograph hours.

Batman: The Animated Series Group Shoot

Adrienne Barbeau, Loren Lester, Diane Pershing, and Clive Revill will do a one time photoshoot together for all you Bat fanatics! Fans of “Batman: The Animated Series” will want to have this unique opportunity to pose with several of the voices that made this TV series so special. Cost will be $110 and will be held on Saturday at 1:45 pm shortly after the “Batman: TAS” panel. We will be limiting this shoot to forty tickets total, so make sure to buy your tickets early!

Godzilla “Men In Suit” Group Photoshoot

Tsutomu Kitagawa and Mizuho Yoshida will do a one time group photoshoot together for devotees of the Big G. Fans of the King Of All Monsters will want this unique opportunity to pose with two of the suit actors from Toho Godzilla films! Cost will be $50 and will be held at 4:45 pm in the celebrity photoshoot area shortly after the Godzilla panel. We will be limiting this shoot to forty tickets total, so make sure to buy your tickets at the photo booth early!


                              Friday, October 20

3:00 PM                James Marshall

3:15 PM                Mike McFarland

3:30 PM                Jim Cummings

3:45 PM                Jason Spisak

4:15 PM                Tsutomu Kitagawa

4:30 PM                Mizuho Yoshida

4:45 PM                Adrienne Barbeau

5:00 PM                Billy Dee Williams

5:15 PM                Catherine Sutherland

5:30 PM                Loren Lester

5:45 PM                Clive Revill

6:00 PM                Kane Hodder

6:15 PM                Julian Glover

6:30 PM                Diane Pershing

                               Saturday, October 21

11:00 AM             Adrienne Barbeau

11:30 AM             Tsutomu Kitagawa

11:45 AM             James Marshall

12:00 PM             Gates McFadden

12:15 PM             Mike McFarland

12:30 PM             Jim Cummings

12:45 PM             Kane Hodder

1:00 PM                Kevin Sorbo

1:30 PM                Mizuho Yoshida

1:45 PM                Batman: TAS voice cast

2:15 PM                Julian Glover

3:00 PM                Catherine Sutherland

3:15 PM                Billy Dee Williams

3:45 PM                Loren Lester

4:00 PM                Clive Revill

4:15 PM                Diane Pershing

4:30 PM                Chad Rook

4:45 PM                Godzilla Men In Suits

5:15 PM                Jason Spisak

                               Sunday, October 22

11:00 AM             Jason Spisak

11:15 AM             Loren Lester

11:30 AM             Adrienne Barbeau

11:45 AM             Mizuho Yoshida

12:00 PM             Julian Glover

12:15 PM             Jim Cummings

12:30 PM             Chad Rook

12:45 PM             Catherine Sutherland

1:00 PM                Billy Dee Williams

1:15 PM                Kane Hodder

1:30 PM                Diane Pershing

1:45 PM                Gates McFadden

2:15 PM                James Marshall

2:30 PM                Clive Revill

2:45 PM                Mike McFarland

3:00 PM                Tsutomu Kitagawa

3:15 PM                Kevin Sorbo