Barbara Goodson

Barbara Goodson’s career covers many years and many genres. Among her hundreds of characters, the throat ripping voice of “Empress Rita Repulsa” on the Mighty Morphin Power Ranger’s TV series, past films and live shows is still her claim to fame.

Barbara also created the voice of “Mother Talzin” in Star Wars: The Clone Wars where she received a Best Actor Award. She recently voiced “Tami” in the new FLCL Progressive, “Zirconia” in Sailor Moon,“Valsirenn” and “Z’maja” in Elder Scrolls, the “Demon” in the psychological thriller, Along Came The Devil, “Enya” in Jo Jo’s Bizarre Adventure and “Weathersnike” in Bottersnikes and Gumbles on Netflix. Other notables are “Princess Leia” (May She Rest In Peace) for Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens, “Kyla Mex & Clauda” in Star Trek Online, “Laharl” in Disgaea, “Naota” in FLCL, “Kid Goku/Zero” in Dragon Ball Z, “Red Fraggle” in the animated Fraggle Rock, “Granny Chiyo” in Naruto, “Song’s Mother” in The Last Airbender, “The Shaman” in Legend of Korra, “Lady Vashj and Alexstrasza” in World of Warcraft, “Salomon & TK’s Mom” in Digimon, “Sera” & “Marie Crystal” in Robotech, “Darling” in Lady and the Tramp II, and “Cruella Deville”& “Cinderella’s Step Mother” for Disney-On-Ice.

Barbara also received an Earphones Award for narrating “Blair Clemons” for the book On A Night Like This and was so proud to be a part of the wonderful cast of the children’s series CloudBread, playing “Wooli” the sheep and “Ruiz” the fox, “the grannies” and numerous “kids voices” which was nominated for an Annie Award and an International Emmy Award for children’s programming.

Barbara was the voice of “Agnes” in Mr. Pickles for Season 2 &3 and played “Mrs. Erickson” in a gray wig for Episode 2 of Harley Quinn & The Joker VS. The Real World (over 8 million views). She has also voice matched “Jacki Weaver” in The Five-Year Engagement and Life of the Party and can be seen in the horror movie The Chosen as “Nana”, the “Wise Shaman” in the indie sci-fi film Home Sweet Home, “Diane” in “Before the Thunder”, in Good Satan as “Mother Teresa”, “Cybill” in Home Away From Home and “Aunt Eloise” (Doug Jone’s sister) in Cruel Will.

She is truly grateful to be able to meet her fans and continue to do what she fully loves to do!