Artist Info

The following are varying ways in which local and regional artists can become involved in the Grand Rapids Comic-Con. We do our best to involve as many artists and writers in the event as possible and make opportunities available for them to display their work as prominently as possible.

Artist Alley

photo/William Christopher Burgess

photo/William Christopher Burgess

All 2-D and 3-D artists of all types as well as writers are welcome to apply to display their wares in our artist alley. A total of 54 artists will have the opportunity to have a 6×6 space with a 6×2 foot table in a  featured location within our vending hall at a cost of only $150.

Our juried application process will start on February 15. Applications will be available on February 1.

Front and Back Cover Contest

The 2019 front cover art design was created by Grand Rapids-based artist Dimitris Moore

We feel that it is part of the obligation of the Grand Rapids Comic-Con to display professional talent within the West Michigan area, and we do so by featuring two artists every year in our program and advertising art.

We hold a contest every year for artists to do the design work for our front and back cover of our program. This art is also used for varying aspects of our advertising including posters, postcards, print ads, billboards, and so on. The art for the front cover will also be used to design the official 2020 Grand Rapids Comic-Con T-shirt. The back cover artwork will be used for the VIP T-shirts at the Grand Rapids Comic-Con as well as a few other choice advertising opportunities.

We know artists hear all the time that a job “will give them exposure”–well, this is one that actually will! In addition, the winners will receive 150 copies of their finished art in a 11×17 print, a complimentary space in the artist alley at the Grand Rapids Comic-Con, free parking for the weekend, and a royalty check for the use of their art on any sold materials.

Things to remember when designing a potential cover/back cover:
  • You are essentially creating a background for marketing material for the show. There will be text that will need to go over the artwork for postcards, posters, banners, and even the program cover.
  • Promotional materials will be in a variety of orientations (both landscape and portrait digital banners, landscape billboards, portrait program cover, etc). Something to keep in mind.
  • We like to keep it interesting! Think outside the box of showcasing the Calder or DeVos!

Concept art will be accepted starting on January 4 until January 21. Artists who are interested in applying to do the artwork for the front and/or back cover of the program can find more information here.

Badge Contest

The badge artist for the 2018 Grand Rapids Comic-Con was local native Roger Scholz who did a robots in sci-fi history theme.

Every year we also pick a fairly local artist whose portfolio is prominently displayed through the badge artwork design at the Grand Rapids Comic-Con

Each badge design will feature a different art piece from the artist, so we need an artist that has a fairly extensive portfolio (at least 25 pieces) from which our graphic designer has the right to choose. We will then turn that artwork into our show badges which will be worn throughout the weekend by thousands of attendees.

The application process is simple enough: all we need is contact information and a link to your artist portfolio. Deadline for submission is January 21, applications will be accepted beginning on January 4. You can find the rules and how to submit by filling out the form here.

Star Wars Patch Contest

The 2019 Star Wars patch was created by Grand Rapids artist Kenn Vidro.

The Great Lakes Garrison in association with the Grand Rapids Comic-Con will be creating a commemorative embroidered patch to memorialize the Grand Rapids Comic-Con. This patch will only be sold at the Grand Rapids Comic-Con and (if any are left) the official Star Wars forums, and will be limited to a couple hundred.

This patch will be an officially licensed LucasFilm collectible and will be highly sought after by Star Wars collectors. Copies of the patch will also be archived by LucasFilm as well as George Lucas’ private collection.

All sales monies from the patch minus the expenses to make the patch will be donated to a charity of the choosing of the Great Lakes Garrison. Neither the Great Lakes Garrison nor the Grand Rapids Comic-Con will receive any financial profit from this project.

Art submissions will be accepted starting on January 4 until January 21. Information on how to apply is here.