Art Auction

Grand Rapids Comic-Con Art Auction

Sunday, November 11

Grand Gallery Overlook A-B

10:30 am: Open House Display Of Art

Noon: Auction Begins

The Grand Rapids Comic-Con will be hosting its first comic book art auction at its annual event on Sunday, November 11. This auction will feature all-original sketch and finished art by some of the largest names in the comic book profession, both past and present. We will also present this as a professional auction that will include streaming of the auction on the internet, a live auctioneer, and professional services.

This will be an annual event at the Grand Rapids Comic-Con and will benefit a charity specifically geared toward the comic book genre. This auction will benefit the building fund of the Hall Of Heroes, the largest museum in the United States dedicated to super heroes and preserving the culture and history of the genre. One hundred percent of all the proceeds from this auction will go to the Hall Of Heroes Museum directly; the Grand Rapids Comic-Con, its parent company, or any of its affiliates will not financially benefit from this auction.

A list of the auctioned items will be available shortly after Labor Day.

Professional artists that wish to donate a sketch or finished piece of artwork to this cause can download information here.

What Is The Need

The collection at the Hall Of Heroes includes this 1965 Shelby Cobra screen used in the 2008 film Iron Man

As an international attraction the Hall of Heroes has outgrown our current home and needs to expand into a larger facility to house our ever growing collection and also to handle the volume of visitors coming to our museum. We trust that you, as a comic book industry professional, love and support our mission of preserving this history as much as we do. This is why we are reaching out for your support to help us make this happen. It is our goal to raise $400,000 this year in order to relocate to a larger facility.

About The Hall Of Heroes Museum

The Hall of Heroes Super Hero Museum invites guests of all ages on a breathtaking trip through the 75+ history of superheroes and the comics, toys, film and animation that brings out the kid in all of us. Our museum preserves one of the largest super hero memorabilia collections in the world featuring…

  • Part of the Hall Of Heroes collection including a Bat-suit screen worn by Adam West on the 1960s TV show “Batman”

    10,000+ action figures, statues and toys like the very first super hero toy, a Superman Wooden Doll from 1939!

  • 60,000+ comic books from 1940 to today’s best sellers. We are one of only two museums that showcase an original Captain America #1 from 1941, and that book is just one of many key Golden Age books on display!
  • 100+ original comic book pages and animation cels
  • Adam West’s personal 1966 “Batman” Costume
  • “The Greatest American Hero” costume worn by William Katt
  • The shield used by Chris Evans in the film Captain America: The First Avenger
  • The 1965 Shelby Cobra Tony Stark crash landed on in the first Iron Man film
  • The ghoulish motorcycle used in the Ghost Rider films

Our mission is not only to preserve comic books but also to teach their history. Hall of Heroes hosts history panels and lectures at several national comic-cons as well as at local schools and universities. We believe our heroes provide children with positive role models that they may not otherwise have in their lives. We work with The Boy Scouts of America, The Boys and Girls Clubs, CAPS, local schools and libraries. We have worked with these charities and organizations by providing them with museum tours and super hero appearances.

We started out as a small local museum in 2007 and our attendance and collection have grown every year since. Four national television shows have come to feature our museum on the national stage recently with shows like “Personal FX The Collectible Show”, “Stan Lee’s Super Fans,” “The Toy Hunter,” and “Fast N Loud”.

How To Contribute

Professional artists that wish to donate a sketch or finished piece of artwork to this cause can download information here.

We are a 501 C3 non-profit, so all donations are tax deductible. If you would rather send a cash donation you can send your donation via Paypal to  or you can mail your donation check to Hall of Heroes, 58005 County Road 105, Elkhart, Indiana 46517. We also welcome donations of original art, sketches, comics or toys that we can auction off during public events to help support our museum.