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Anastasia Baranova is a Russian-American actress, best known for her starring roles as Jennifer “Scout” Lauer on the television series “Scout’s Safari” and as Addison Carver on the Syfy series “Z Nation”.

Baranova began her acting career in 2002 with a small speaking role on the Disney Channel series “Lizzie McGuire”. She then won the lead role for the Discovery Kids/NBCtelevision series “Scout’s Safari”, playing the character Jennifer Lauer for its two season run.

Baranova has had one- or two-episode appearances on several television series, including “Sons Of Anarchy”, “Joan of Arcadia”, “Veronica Mars”, “Drake & Josh”, “7th Heaven”, “Madame Secretary”, and “Malcolm in the Middle”. She also appeared in the 2007 film Rise: Blood Hunter. In 2010, she made an appearance on the HDNet series “Svetlana”.

Her Facebook fan page is here, her Twitter feed is here, and her Instagram is here.


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Friday at 5:30 pm on the Main Stage

Having Fun In The Apocalypse

Anastasia discusses her pivotal role in the SyFy Channel hit “Z-Nation”, the major differences between her show and that other zombie apocalypse show, and the challenges to keep the zombie franchise fresh and exciting. A question and answer session will follow.



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