Alisha Richardson

Booth E-9

Alisha Richardson is a 17 year old artist from Kalamazoo, Michigan. Her favorite mediums are ink, marker, and acrylic paint. She also enjoys creating digital work using Photoshop, After Effects, Maya, and Zbrush. Some of Alisha’s other hobbies include sewing, cosplaying, doing SFX makeup, and creating fursuits. Since 2018, she has been hosting the Kalamazoo Furries, an all-ages group for people who are interested in fursuiting (mascot costumes). In 2017 she won 2nd place in the Novice category at Dokidokon for her original character/costume design of her furry, Remi.

Alisha is a homeschooler currently in her senior year. She has also been attending Kalamazoo Valley Community College throughout high school, where she has been studying animation. She hopes to transfer to Kendall College of Art and Design in the future to pursue a BA in illustration. Her most notable achievements include winning Best in Show at KVCC’s 2018 Digital Art Showcase, being awarded a portfolio scholarship to KCAD, and being GRCC’s 2020 Cover Artist winner.

To see Alisha’s artwork, please visit her website here: