100 Tables Project

100 tables projectMain Lobby

The 100 Tables Project was founded  by Tamara Draper, who has been an art teacher for Zeeland public schools for 23 years.   In connection to her career as a teacher, she has in the past 2 years developed a community service learning project for her school called the 100 Tables Project.  The students are learning that by the creating of art they can impact their community in a positive way.  

We currently have made 120 tables and sold 110 making $10,000. The proceeds are being used to assist families in need with their own community.  It’s about helping others .  This project has put us on Wood TV 8 morning news cast during Art Prize 2015 when we were at the BOB,  as well as “The Miranda Show”. 

You may find the 100 Tables Project’s Facebook page here.